Expectations and things to consider

For us, We are excited about being able to take you into one of the most awe inspiring places on earth. However, it does have it's challenges.

First is allowing the time for this tour.

If you are traveling with me from Bozeman, please note that we will be gone for a minimum of 10 hours. Livingston and Gardiner will be a bit shorter, but still it is a huge day. Please do not schedule anything else that evening (i.e. - Dinner Reservations or airline travel). For consideration of all our guests, I will not rush this day. I want all of us to see as much as we can at a comfortable pace.

Second is the weather.

There are a handful of nice days in the Park, usually in July and August. Be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and a jacket or sweatshirt as well as a rain jacket just in case. You never can tell. The weather forecast can be inaccurate and it is best to plan for any eventuality.

Third is the wildlife viewing.

We will do what we can for wildlife viewing near and far. As this is a National Park, the animals are free to roam wherever they like. Some days we will see hundreds of animals and other days none. It depends on the day. It is everyone's wish to see a Bear (mine, too!), so let's hope for the best. If we are all looking, we stand a better chance of seeing everything that day has to offer.

Approaching wildlife.

Please be sensible. These are wild creatures and they can cause you real harm. When we do short walks and get out of the van, please keep a safe distance. The rule is no closer than 100 yards (a football field) from a Bear or Wolf and 25 yards from all the other animals. No one wants to get on YouTube for the wrong reasons (Seriously you should watch some for a good laugh). And of course, feeding wildlife is strictly prohibited. Believe it or not they used to let you do that. (ask me about the Parks History of feeding the Bears!).

Thermal areas.

There are boardwalks for your safe viewing of these beautiful natural features of the Park. There are folks who have died from being careless around these areas, so please respect the boundaries set by the Park Service. Please stay in the designated areas and you will be just fine.


The Park's attendance was well over three million visitors in 2017 and it can be overwhelming at times, especially in July and August and parking can be a huge problem. So we are not alone. (come see us in the winter, we are almost alone) Touring with us allows us to drop you off and pick you up pretty much anywhere. Also consider that Bison, Bears and Moose love to make us come to a stand still and cause traffic jams. So, let's be patient (its actually one of the virtues). Now after all that, Lets Go!


Just a reminder, Entry fees to the park are paid on a per person or family basis and are not covered by Let's Go Adventure Tours and Transportation. Gratuities are always welcome and greatly appreciated. As a tourguide and the owner of Let's Go Adventure Tours we Are committed to showing you one of the greatest days of your life. If you have an open mind and 10 to 12 hours to spend with us in Yellowstone, you will not go away disappointed. Just like you, I am a lover of our national parks. I hope to see you on the Tour. Your friend, Bryan Batchelder

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